About Me

Throughout my life, food has always been something I enjoy. And it does show in many of my childhood photo's. However my passion and love has always been for sweet things: chocolate, ice cream, cakes, biscuits and pastries. This is something I got from my gran: a wonderful, vibrant lady who only needed her family, a glass of white wine and some dessert to make her happy.

Growing up we did quite a lot of baking: spending holidays in the kitchen with my mom, baking any number of treats from the Australian Women's Weekly books, or watching my gran make the shortbread from the recipe her gran taught her.

As I've grown and gotten to know people who share my passion for baking beautiful and delicious creations, my courage to try decorating and baking more complex recipes has grown. This blog is borne of a wish to share my experiences.

The only thing more satisfying that baking something beautiful, is sharing it with others.

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