Thursday, 31 January 2013

Naughty Nautical Cupcakes

My sister's best friend recently got married. For her bachelorette, my sister and some of her very talented friends put together a Naughty Nautical Bachelorette.
Place Settings at the Tables

I was asked to come up with some themed cupcakes for the day. This was the first time I was baking not just for the enjoyment, but on a request from someone else and for an occasion  I was both petrified and excited beyond words. To add to this was the fact that I needed to make them on a tight budget and, a small detail I found out only a week before the event, I needed to make over 40 cupcakes!
Welcome Drinks, Cupcakes and a Farewell Message in a Bottle for Each Guest
I made chocolate cupcakes with a plain buttercream and made the decorations from fondant. I was very happy with the way that they turned out: they looked good and were delicious!

The Naughty Nautical Cupcakes
Sailor Hat Topper

Life Ring Topper

Shark Fin Topper

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  1. I love the sailor hats! I'm so gonna try that!!


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