Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happy Father's Day: Apple Crumble With an Orange Twist

Father's Day this year happened to coincide with a long weekend, so my family and I headed of to my parents game farm.There is something magical about being in the South African bushveld: it completely calms  and refreshes you. It is completely peaceful and has a beauty that I haven't seen anywhere else in the world.

I know we all think our parents are special, and mine are. My dad has always been my protector, always there to help me out, fix my car and give hugs whenever needed.

For Father's Day we followed our tradition of making a meal for my dad. Being in the bush I was rather limited in the equipment available and so decided to make an Apple Crumble for dessert. It turned out to be perfect for the evening: my sister and her boyfriend made an oxtail stew and, together with the Apple Crumble, they formed the perfect dinner for a cold winter's night. Combine that with some gluhwein beforehand and a roaring fire in the fireplace: heaven!

Unfortunately by the time I got my camera out to take a few shots, most of the crumble was gone!
I recently stumbled across another South African blog, Drizzle and Dip, and Sam's recipe for an oat & nut apple crumble with cranberries & orange. For any fellow raisin-haters out there, this crumble doesn't pose the usual challenge of a ton of raisins. In fact there are none at all! I used her recipe as-is, served with Woolworths Ayrshire double thick cream.

My only word of advice is that if you find yourself with a very juicy orange, don't use all of the juice.

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  1. That looks absolutely yummy! I love crumbles without raisins.


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