Wednesday, 6 March 2013

White Chocolate Mousse with Lime

My favourite part of having friends over for dinner, besides quality time with friends, is the chance to make an awesome dessert. I'll spend as little time as possible figuring out the first two courses and then spend days pouring over my recipe books narrowing down the list of exciting possibilities. The latest dinner included a lamb shank main, so I was looking for something that wouldn't be too heavy as a dessert, following such a rich main course. This mousse was just that!

Trixie with her dessert
The lime gives a beautiful fresh taste and the mousse is light and delicious! It also wasn't too difficult to make. I would highly recommend trying this one out.

This recipe comes from one of my favourite books: Michel Roux desserts. I adjusted it slightly as I wasn't able to find kaffir limes, so I substituted with normal limes.

White Chocolate Mousse with Lime
(serves 8)
300g white chocolate couveture, finely chopped (I used Lindt)
1 sheet of leaf gelatine
100ml milk
Finely grated zest of 3 limes (or 2 kaffir limes if available)
3tsp liquid glucose
2 egg yolks
300ml whipping cream
60g icing sugar

  1. Set a heatproof bowl over a saucepan, one-third filled with hot water, making sure the bowl is not in direct contact with the water.
  2. Add the white chocolate to the bowl and place saucepan over a very low heat. As soon as the chocolate is semi-melted, remove the bowl from the pan.
  3. Meanwhile, soak the gelatine in a shallow dish of cold water to soften for about five minutes.
  4. Heat the milk in a small pan, then as soon as it boils, add the lime zest and remove from the heat.
  5. Drain the gelatine, squeeze out excess water and add to the hot milk mixture, stirring to dissolve. Set aside to infuse for three minutes.
  6. In a separate bowl, mix the glucose, 1tbsp warm water and the egg yolks together until evenly combined.
  7. In a third bowl, whip the cream together with the icing sugar to a ribbon consistency.
  8. Pour the hot milk mixture over the semi-melted chocolate and mix with a whisk until smooth, without overworking.
  9. Gently fold in the egg yolk mixture until homogeneous. Finally, using a spatula, carefully fold in the whipped cream.
  10. Pout into 8 cups or little dishes. Refrigerate for at least an hour. Serve lightly chilled, not icy-cold.

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