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{Romantic Getaway} Hillsnek Safaris

We were lucky enough to spend two nights at the amazing Hillsnek Safaris in the middle of December. From the moment we arrived there we two things that we knew without a doubt: 1) we were in for a really special few days and 2) we were not going to be hungry, no matter how hard we tried! I did my best to narrow down the number of photos I used, but it was tough!

They advise that you arrive around lunch time, however we got a bit lost on the way and arrived around three. Make sure you check the directions before you leave and don't rely on their mobile site! We were just in time to make the afternoon game drive, but as we had been in the car for around seven hours that day, we decided to skip the drive and spend some time relaxing around the pool. We were treated to a delicious high tea with home made iced tea and lemonade.

The lodge sits on a hillside and is made up of three tents (the green roofs) and a central area (thatched roof) where the bar and pool are and where meals are served. This lodge can only host three couples at a time. That means a maximum of only six guests!

The rooms are luxury tents. Forget those childhood memories of camping, these tents are sheer comfort, each with a king size bed and en suite bathroom. There is also an outdoor shower, which all of the staff will recommend to you. I was a little nervous of this, but you only live once! I would definitely recommend it; it's so peaceful to shower surrounded by nature.

The view from our room

Now as I mentioned, Hillsnek is not a place where you will go hungry. Not only is there a seemingly constant supply of food, but the supply is super tasty food. Each day you are woken with tea or coffee, rusks and muffins before heading out on the morning game drive. I'll get to those in a minute. Before heading out on the game drive you order your breakfast and arrive back from the drive to a full hot and cold breakfast. Including delicious home made lemon curd! This is followed by some down-time (or nap time!) which comes to a close when tea is served. After tea is the afternoon game drive followed by an impressive three course meal. Your time at Hillsnek is sheer indulgence and relaxation!

Twice Baked Cheese Souffle

I'm afraid I can't remember what this fish was, but it was delicious!

Malva Pudding: a traditional South African dessert. Not only is this one of the best renditions of this dessert I have had, but I also loved the presentation

As some of you may have noticed, I find myself in the Kruger National Park a couple of times a year, so I am no stranger to a game drive. At Hillsnek you don't just go on a game drive, you do it in style! A very knowledgeable ranger takes you around the Amakhala Game Reserve for a couple of hours, stopping half way at a scenic spot for coffee and snacks in the morning, or sundowners in the evening.

Mid-morning coffee and snacks on the game drive

The most spectacular sunset I've ever seen!
Final mention (because we all know you should save the best for last) must go to the amazing staff at Hillsnek. They provide such professional and friendly service, catering to your every need.

Hillsnek has been rated five stars by every visitor on Trip Advisor. Having spent a couple of days there, it's very easy to see why. I highly recommend Hillsnek to anyone looking for a special destination to celebrate and anniversary, birthday, or even Valentine's Day!

Thank you to everyone at Hillsnek for making our stay so memorable!

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